10/10/13 — Philanthropists Step Up When Government Shuts Down

By The Charitable Giving Coalition

In a move exemplifying the vital role of philanthropy in difficult times, philanthropists Laura and John Arnold committed $10 million to continue funding for Head Start services impacted by the government shutdown. More than 7,000 children from low-income families in seven states would have lost access to the programs. The Arnolds’ generosity provides a valuable reality check for Washington insiders about what is happening ‘outside-the-beltway’ and who is impacted as a result of the shutdown. In a statement, the Arnolds emphasized that it “has caused severe disruptions in the lives of many low-income Americans” and that it is “especially unfair that young children from underprivileged communities and working families” are suffering because of the stalemate in Washington. Read more at PoliticoNBC, and The Washington Post.