12/10/13 — Make the Most of the Season of Giving!

By The Charitable Giving Coalition

The Season of Giving has arrived, and what better time to highlight the importance of charitable giving and the impact of the charitable tax deduction?

Giving is central to who we are as a country, whether feeding the hungry, providing shelter to families in need, supporting educational and cultural opportunities, helping solving health challenges and so much more.

The charitable tax deduction, which has incentivized charitable acts that support initiatives like these for a century, is under threat. As lawmakers consider harmful changes to this valuable American tradition, you can make your voice heard! Below are some simple ways you can join in the fight to defend the charitable deduction. 

Write an op-ed
Our template op-ed provides an opportunity to raise awareness in your community about the value of charitable giving and the charitable deduction.

Spread the word via social media
Protect Giving Day in DC on November 20th underscored the value and potential impact of advancing our cause through social media outreach. So many of our Coalition members shared compelling posts about their activities in Washington, but also the impact of their charities in communities throughout America.

We want to carry that enthusiasm through the holidays! 

Share stories of impact
Share your stories of hope and opportunity for the holidays (the kind that can last for years and years) with the #ProtectGiving hashtag. We all have examples to share – food pantries to feed the hungry, research efforts to cure disease, youth programs to keep kids in school, seed grants to start new businesses and more. We need your help to show what is made possible through the charitable deduction.


“I am the Charitable Deduction” YouTube channel
The holidays are a great time to feature the role and value of charitable giving in communities – helping others in need through food, shelter and other support services.  
We’d like to feature holiday-related videos on the Coalition’s YouTube channel. We encourage you to capture short videos of charitable giving in action for the Coalition’s “I am the Charitable Deduction” channel.
You can check out the YouTube Channel here: 
The website’s Take Action section has additional information and guidance on how to spread the word!  


Local Events
One of the most effective ways to make the case to lawmakers about the importance of protecting the charitable deduction is by showing them – in their communities. Meeting them face-to-face or inviting them to attend a local event demonstrating the role and impact of charitable giving can make all the difference. The Charitable Giving Coalition’s website provides a local engagement and advocacy toolkit of ways to plan a successful event.