12/4/13 — Wyden Continues Campaign to Defend Charitable Deduction

By The Charitable Giving Coalition

In a visit to a senior lunch center, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) continued to champion the importance of the charitable tax deduction on Monday.

“We believe the charitable deduction in the federal tax code is a lifeline and not a loophole,” said Wyden, emphasizing the fact that the charitable deduction is not about the donors, but what donors’ dollars do to support worthy causes. “The charitable deduction is the only provision in the tax law that encourages taxpayers to give away a portion of their income for the benefit of others.”

The senator wrote a letter last month [PDF] with Senator John Thune (R-SD) supporting the “full value” of the one hundred-year-old deduction.

“Analysis has repeatedly shown that proposals to cut, cap, or limit the charitable deduction could cause charitable donations to decline by billions of dollars annually.  Worse yet, weakening the charitable deduction would most hurt the adults and children who receive vital charitable services from organizations like soup kitchens, after-school programs, and medical research projects, just to name a few,” the letter read.

“In many cases, the government would be required to step in and fund those services now being provided through private generosity.”

We commend Senators Wyden and Thune for their support of a policy that contributes to vital support services and thriving communities across the nation. However, the fight to preserve this unique American institution is far from over. You can join in the efforts by contacting your senator to urge them to sign on to the Thune/Wyden letter, signing and sharing our petition, and sharing and contributing to our YouTube channel to demonstrate the impact of charities in your community.