10/8/13 — Alliance for Charitable Reform Interviews Rhett Butler About Faith-Based Philanthropy

In a new video released by the Alliance for Charitable Reform, ACR Director of Communications Marques Chavez speaks to Rhett Butler, government liaison for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, about the newly-formed Faith and Giving Coalition and its mission to protect philanthropic freedom and engage the religious community in the charitable giving debate. Butler highlights the unique challenges faced by faith-based nonprofits, including how their heavy reliance on private giving means they often have the most at stake in the charitable deduction discussion. Faith and Giving Coalition representatives have been meeting with members of both the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committees in order to stress how changes to the charitable deduction would threaten vital front-line services provided by religious organizations. Butler mentions that, while some policymakers appear to have a grasp of the broad data, a fuller understanding is needed about the deeper complexities of the nonprofit sector and implications for the communities it serves. Click here to watch the video.