Take Action on Tax Reform

Members of the Charitable Giving Coalition are having an impact in helping elected officials in Washington, D.C., see the inextricable link between charitable giving and thriving communities. It is imperative that members of Congress and their constituents clearly understand what’s at stake for charitable giving and communities if lawmakers place limits on the charitable tax deduction. Billions of dollars, millions of jobs and vital services are at risk.

Congress has advanced tax reform beyond any point we have seen in more than 30 years. While the CGC does not oppose the current tax reform proposal to increase the standard deduction, the coalition and others in the nonprofit community have raised alarm about the negative consequence to America’s charities and the communities. The expanded standard deduction would cause the number of itemizers to be dramatically reduced to only 5% of taxpayers causing a significant drop in contributions. In real terms, 30 million taxpayers who itemized in 2016 will no longer have the giving incentive and will be taxed on their charitable gifts.

Make Your Voice Heard

The Coalition is encouraging citizens to make their voices hear by contacting your senators and representatives and urging them to include a universal charitable deduction, or a charitable deduction for all taxpayers, in tax reform. Expansion of a charitable contribution deduction to non-itemizers could help alleviate the loss of up to $13 billion per year in charitable support for organizations across the country.

For those of you who have an active presence in social networking venues, we encourage you to provide links to any news stories as appropriate, in addition to other relevant resources about the coalition’s efforts and the importance of protecting the charitable deduction. For Twitter, please use the hashtag #protectgiving, which has been created for this effort. Below are just a few general examples of Twitter posts that you can share on Giving Tuesday:

  • Congress should make good tax policy – the charitable deduction – better by expanding it to all Americans in #taxreform and prevent a $12-20 billion drop in giving to #Nonprofits. #GivingTuesday would not exist without charitable giving. #ProtectGiving
  • Charitable #nonprofits will lose $12-20 billion in charitable donations under current #taxreform proposals. On this #GivingTuesday, ask your senators to expand the charitable deduction to all Americans and #protectgiving. http://protectgiving.org/take-action-on-tax-reform/
  • Charitable #Nonprofits could lose $12-20 billion in #taxreform. As part of #GivingTuesday, contact your senators and ask them to #protectgiving through with a universal charitable deduction. http://protectgiving.org/take-action-on-tax-reform/
  • Instead of offering a charitable giving incentive to fewer people, why not make it available to all Americans in #taxreform? Legislation like the Universal Charitable Giving Act from @SenatorLankford expands the charitable deduction to all. #ProtectGiving #GivingTuesday
  • Current #taxreform bills will eliminate the charitable deduction for 95% of Americans and cause a $12-20 billion drop in giving to #Nonprofits. Universal Charitable Giving Act from @SenatorLankford is a solution and will protect charities. #ProtectGiving #GivingTuesday
  • The Senate #taxreform bill will eliminate the charitable deduction for 95% of Americans. As part of #GivingTuesday, contact your senators and ask them to #protectgiving through with a universal charitable deduction. http://protectgiving.org/take-action-on-tax-reform/

As the tax reform debate continues, the Coalition plans to be active in other ways to make sure lawmakers understand what is at stake for communities and charitable giving.