Take Action to Protect America’s Strong Tradition of Giving!

It’s a new year, Congress is back in session and the Charitable Giving Coalition is continuing its fight to protect the charitable tax deduction. It is more important than ever to make clear to decision-makers the importance of the deduction and its daily impact on communities across America.

The Coalition is encouraging citizens to make their voices heard by signing our petition to the White House and Congress, contact your senators and representatives and urge them to work to preserve the charitable deduction and sharing how the charitable sector enriches their communities. In addition, the Coalition has created an “I am the Charitable Tax Deduction” YouTube channel to emphasize the human impact of the charitable deduction. 

In addition to raising awareness among lawmakers in Washington, D.C. about the realities communities are facing, the Charitable Giving Coalition is providing its members – and anyone committed to protecting the charitable deduction – a set of communications materials to use as appropriate in your outreach to stakeholders and the media at the local level. 

The following materials (including outreach recommendations and templates) can be tailored to feature your organization’s efforts and community-level impact, provide background about the Coalition and illustrate the value of nonprofits and charitable giving.

And that’s not all!
For those of you who have an active presence in social networking venues, we encourage you to provide links to any news stories as appropriate, in addition to other relevant resources about the coalition’s efforts and the importance of protecting the charitable deduction. For Twitter, please use the hashtag #protectgiving, which has been created for this effort.

As the tax reform debate continues, the Coalition plans to be active in other ways to make  sure lawmakers understand what is at stake for communities and charitable giving. For example, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus launched TaxReform.gov, a website seeking input on the issue. The new website, along with a Twitter account, @simplertaxes, details efforts to address tax reform and ways to engage lawmakers.